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Barrier Compliance Design/Consultation (Optional)

This service is perfect if you:

Are planning the landscaping of your property so you can proceed with confidence knowing that you fully understand barrier requirements.
Are unsure if barrier requires a lot of work and want to know what needs to be done to achieve full compliance ahead of your certificate due date & inspection.

Inspection (Required)

Ripple Pools complete Pool or Spa Safety Barrier Inspection services. If your pool or spa safety barrier is fully compliant, a Form 23 Certificate of Compliance will be delivered that day with a detailed report for your convenience. If there are items of non-compliance Ripple Pools will give a detailed report with pictures will explain non-compliant items & practical examples of required amendments. A Re-Inspection is then required after these items are rectified.


Re-Inspection (Only if required)

You are given a total of 60 days to bring your safety barriers into full compliance after the first date of Inspection. Once all non-compliant items are rectified and fixed please get back in touch with Ripple Pool Inspections to book a time for Re-Inspection to receive your Form 23 Certificate of Compliance. Your certificate will be valid for 30 days, so please ensure you lodge it with the relevant council within that time frame. Contact Ripple Pool Inspections for more information.


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